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^^ Craft Information - Orbital Period Re-sync ^^

To prepare for the upcoming mission to Duna (and for further future missions), two communications satellites are being launched into extremely elliptical orbits over both poles of Kerbin, which means one will always be above/below the ecliptic at any given time. Once in a low parking orbit, the transfer stage will carry it high up above Kerbin and then detach and de-orbit, leaving the satellite in place. 3 communications dishes adorn the satellite. One can reach as far as Eeloo, and the other two are capable of inter-system communications as far as Minmus.

We have re-synced orbital period to match that of IP ComSat II while it was near perikee to within 0.2s while this craft was near apokee. This will keep the two craft opposite each other for years to come

Launched: 11/6/14 @ 14:25:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: 1.676km/s
Periapsis: 81.730km
Apoapsis: 7,505.914km
Eccentricity: 0.844897
Inclination: 89.900°
Orbital Period: 30,792.09s
Last Update: 9/29/15 @ 19:06 UTC
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Active Vessels

      1. Mun III Heat Shield
      2. Mun III Derelict
      1. ComSat Minmus I Transfer Stage
      2. ComSat Minmus III Transfer Stage
      3. Mi-SCAN Transfer Stage
    1. Mun III Rescue Vehicle Interstage Fairing
    2. Mun III Rescue Vehicle Interstage Fairing
    3. Mun III Rescue Vehicle Transfer Stage
    4. IP ComSat II Transfer Stage
    5. Mun II Lift Stage
    6. Mi-SCAN Lift Stage
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