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^^ Craft Information - Orbital Update - Return to Operations ^^

Originally launched as ComSat Mun III, improperly set booster thrust limiters caused the launch of this craft to go awry, leaving it in an unsuitable orbit without enough fuel for Mun transfer/insertion. After a kerbed orbital refueling mission was deemed too expensive compared to launching another craft, it was handed over to the Kerbin Meteorological Society for them to use its cameras to monitor weather from space.

With the placement of IP ComSat I in high polar orbit, it was determined that the comsat attached to KWO-1 could be used to provide comm link to Mission Control without having to retask our LKO ComSats, which only have one dish each. KWO-1's orbit was adjusted with the remaining fuel to help the new comsat work its way towards 0 degrees of inclination.

KWO-1 will continue monitoring Kerbin weather for the KMS from its new orbit - its orbital data has been updated to account for a 4-month operational gap as the KSA was shutdown due to government audit

Launched: 8/18/14 @ 13:00:01 UTC
Avg Velocity: 1.829km/s
Periapsis: 310.234km
Apoapsis: 657.435km
Eccentricity: 0.160173
Inclination: 13.877°
Orbital Period: 3,772.58s
Last Update: 9/2/15 @ 22:13 UTC
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Inactive Vessels*

  1. Debris
    1. ComSat Minmus II Transfer Stage
    2. Kerbin DeOrbiter 2nd Stage
    3. IP ComSat I Transfer Stage
  2. Probe
    1. Eeloo I
    2. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #2
    3. Docking Test Probe
    4. Mun II
    5. IP ComSat I
    6. Mk1-2 Orbital Return Test #1
    7. IP ComSat II
    8. Kerbal I
    9. Kerbal II
    10. Kerbin I
    11. Kerbin II
    12. Kerbin III
    13. Kerbin IV
    14. Kerbin V(a)
    15. Kerbin V(b)
    16. Kerbin V(c)
    17. Kerbin V(d)
    18. LKO ComSat III
    19. Docking Test Probe
    20. Sounding Rocket MkII
  3. Rover
    1. Lupek Testbed (Drives 1 & 2)
    2. Lupek Testbed (Drive 3)
    3. Lupek (Drive 1)
    4. Lupek (Drive 2)
    5. Lupek (Drive 3)
  4. Ship
    1. Mun III
    2. Mun I
    3. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Wehrtop)
    4. Kerbal III (#1)
    5. Kerbal III (#2)
    6. Kerbal III (#3)
    7. Kerbin V
    8. Kerbin VI
    9. Kerbin DeOrbiter I
    10. Kerbin DeOrbiter II
    11. Kerbin DeOrbiter III
    12. ComSat Service Vehicle
    13. Kerbin VII
    14. Kerbin DeOrbiter MkII (Desson)
  5. Asteroid
    1. LLH-725 (Class-D)
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