Munar Orbiter III (Archive) 

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After placing ComSat Mun III, the transfer stage was redubbed Munar Orbiter III and went on to perform various science experiments around Mun, including an attempt to dive through an impact cloud kicked up by the crash of a previous Munar ComSat transfer stage. It still remains in orbit, its data has been collected and returned to Kerbin and now it has extra fuel to serve as an impactor for when a probe or lander is on the surface.

Orbital data has been updated to account for a 4-month operational gap as the KSA was shutdown due to government audit

Created: 9/14/14 @ 01:35:45 UTC
Avg Velocity: 0.432km/s
Periapsis: 6.396km
Apoapsis: 916.989km
Eccentricity: 0.688092
Inclination: 35.840°
Orbital Period: 13,250.76s
Last Update: 9/7/15 @ 18:24 UTC
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