Progeny Mk5 (Flight 6) 

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Vessel Overview

With the design based directly on the Mk4, capable of reaching over 100km into space, focus is now on the automation capabilities of the rocket as a new computer control system powered by kOS allows us to begin to work on more complex launch and ascent procedures. The software of the Mk5 will ultimately go on control our orbital rocket program.

Flight Overview

Built from spare parts leftover from the initial 5-launch series, this contracted flight will soar out of the atmosphere to record gravimatric data for Tetragon Systems and also test new automation software. It will also carry one of the instruments destroyed in the 4th Mk5 launch.

Latest Update

The rocket was returned to us, allowing for an initial review of telemetry data to complete this mission information by updating splashdown location and distance traveled. Full analysis will be undertaken early next week.

Launched: 10/13/17 @ 18:56:00 UTC
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