Ascension Program

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Although we are still exploring the basics of rocketry through sub-orbital flights of our Progenitor rockets, the time has come to begin to push for the next level and establish a permanent robotic presence in space with orbiting satellites. At first, these craft will not be able to stay up for long with current power technology but eventually the Ascension program will be responsible for lifting all payloads into orbit around Kerbin for extended missions of months or years. This program will also be responsible for getting the Extremis probes on their way to exploring the Kerbol system.

Program News Highlight – 1/11/18

Ascension Debuts Lifter Engine, Updated Orbital Roadmap

Check out the engine that will lift probes into orbit and why getting there has become a more complex endeavor than originally planned.Full Story Show All News

Primary Program Goals

Orbit Kerbin
Demonstrate use of solar power
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Orbit Kerbin < 250km
Orbit Kerbin > 250km
Establish an equatorial orbit < 15°
Establish an inclined orbit 15-85°
Establish a polar orbit > 85°
Establish a keostationary orbit

Active Program Contracts

None at this time.


Program Duration: Nov 2017 – ongoing
Program Expenditure: 0
Program Income: 0
Active Vessels: None
Number of Missions: 0
Program Success Rate: N/A
Agency Partners: None