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Aug 04 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 4

Our second foray into space tested even slower launch speeds, taking off at 4Gs while carrying a new suite of payload instruments up into the void – FOR SCIENCE!

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Jul 14 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 3

Although it ultimately survived its trip into space, catastrophic events that unfolded during its ascent cast a heavy pall upon our achievement of breaking free of the atmosphere surrounding Kerbin at last

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Jun 01 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 2

Surviving the initial ascent, the second Mk4 unfortunately fell victim to either heat or stress or both as it accelerated at full thrust through the upper atmosphere.

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May 18 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 1

Although everyone was eager to see the new liquid fuel engine in action, unfortunately a failure occurred shortly after it ignited, causing to the rocket to break up during ascent.

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Apr 12 2017

Progeny Mk3 Flight 3

After numerous delays, the third launch used a new procedure to shred the booster fins after separation & spoil their aerodynamics for safer fallout, but something went very wrong very quickly

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Mar 15 2017

Progeny Mk3 Flight 1

The first launch of our new 3-stage rocket will push the craft to its limits as hot staging provides continuous thrust and extremely high dynamic pressures

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Dec 15 2016

Progeny Mk2.1 Flight 3

The data collected from the first two flights has been used to light the 2nd stage at an optimal time to see if we can push past 5km

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Dec 06 2016

Progeny Mk2.1 Flight 1

After the disaster of the Mk2 careful review found the problem, now we just had to prove its solution was a proper fix

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Oct 25 2016

5-Biome Campaign Flight 4

We set out to explore the various biomes that exist in the area around KSC. Shores, Water & Highlands have been scienced, now for Grasslands

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Oct 12 2016

Progeny Mk1-B Flight 3

More spin stabilization testing is done at the request of engineers yearning for more data

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