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Nov 15 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 29

Specialists Bob & Bill traverse overland to the West Shore Desert to gather temperature data from Zone DJSNM for use by Albert Kerman Industries

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Nov 08 2017

Low-Altitude Science Surveys 27 & 28

Specialist Bob launches from sea aboard MSV Lymun to gather pressure data from Site JF-455 and temperature data from Zone TR-001, suffering a partial & uncharacteristic failure during one ascent

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Oct 24 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 26

Specialists Bob & Bill set out for the longest overland trek in UTVs to date, looking to cover nearly 260km to make it to Area DRA55 to get low-altitude temperature data for Flooyd Dynamics

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Oct 05 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 25

Specialist Bob, still aboard MSV Tongjess, launches from Sector RP-010 to gather pressure data for Kerbolyov Design Bureau while Specialist Bill stands by in the event of a land recovery due to winds

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Oct 04 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 24

Specialist Bob heads to Sector RT-M0H aboard the Maritime Service Vessel Tongjess to launch & recover after gathering temperature data for Zaltonic Electronics

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Sep 28 2017

Low-Altitude Science Surveys 22 & 23

Specialist Bob sends up two balloons over Zone EBGY-010 & Sector N9-Q9B to gather temperature data for Glowing Kraken Industries & Armstrong Siddeley and Royce Engineering respectively

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Sep 13 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 21

Specialist Bob goes 33km out to sea to launch in Area H-MJW and collect temperature data for Rokea. high winds from the north keep the balloon out to sea after launching close to land

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Sep 05 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 20

Specialists Bill & Bob, one by land & one by sea, head for Zone 83H-2K to gather temperature readings for Umbra Space Industries. One or the other will collect the payload depending where it lands

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Sep 01 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 19

Specialist Bob takes sail aboard a Maritime Service Vessel a short distance offshore at Sector Q4CLVG to launch a payload for Umbra Space Industries to gather pressure data

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Jul 28 2017

Operations Summary – Week of 7/24/17

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