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Aug 18 2017

Operations Summary – Week of 8/14/17

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Aug 15 2017

Progeny Mk5 Set for September Debut

With the retirement of the Mk4 today, all focus is now being directed at its successor, the Mk5, which has been developed in parallel with the Mk4 over the last few months. Structurally similar to the Mk4, the Mk5’s main difference will be in how it is operated thanks to a new control unit that will be integrated more with the rocket to allow monitoring of and commands to be sent to internal systems. This unit is “inline”, meaning it will be a component of the rocket body rather than attached to one of the payload trusses, freeing up space which has been used to add additional battery power as this control unit requires more electric charge to run its operations (the amount of charge needed depends on the size of the instructions loaded). Slightly larger than the 0.35m width of the rocket, it has been placed below the payload near the fins to help with trans-sonic stability. The initial launch series will see five rockets head for space within 2 weeks on these dates:

Flight 1: 9/12 @ 23:23 UTC   Flight 4: 9/20 @ 17:49 UTC
Flight 2: 9/14 @ 17:29 UTC   Flight 5: 9/22 @ 17:56 UTC
Flight 3: 9/18 @ 23:43 UTC   Future launches on demand from clients within 2 weeks

These dates and times are subject to change of course in the event of any delays but they represent the best-case scenario for launching all five rockets.

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Aug 11 2017

Operations Summary – Week of 8/7/17

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