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Aug 08 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 5

Lowering the first stage TWR to 2 failed to generate enough thrust to keep the rocket pointed east, and the flight was terminated shortly after launch when the rocket began to fly west over KSC

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Aug 04 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 4

Our second foray into space tested even slower launch speeds, taking off at 4Gs while carrying a new suite of payload instruments up into the void – FOR SCIENCE!

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Jul 14 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 3

Although it ultimately survived its trip into space, catastrophic events that unfolded during its ascent cast a heavy pall upon our achievement of breaking free of the atmosphere surrounding Kerbin at last

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May 18 2017

Progeny Mk4 Flight 1

Although everyone was eager to see the new liquid fuel engine in action, unfortunately a failure occurred shortly after it ignited, causing to the rocket to break up during ascent.

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Apr 28 2017

Progeny Mk3 Flight 4

Requiring one more launch than planned to get the job done, after several failed attempts the Mk3 finally fulfills its promise and becomes the first rocket to breach the barrier to the upper atmosphere.

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Apr 12 2017

Progeny Mk3 Flight 3

After numerous delays, the third launch used a new procedure to shred the booster fins after separation & spoil their aerodynamics for safer fallout, but something went very wrong very quickly

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Mar 24 2017

Progeny Mk3 Flight 2

The second launch of our new 3-stage rocket aimed to determine how the rocket behaves during long coast periods and break through 10km to collect another Kerbal Sounding Project bounty

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Mar 15 2017

Progeny Mk3 Flight 1

The first launch of our new 3-stage rocket will push the craft to its limits as hot staging provides continuous thrust and extremely high dynamic pressures

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Jan 19 2017

Mk3 Booster Static Fire

The large lower stage of the Progeny Mk3 is lit off for the first time to see if it lives up to its performance specifications & doesn’t explode in the process

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Dec 15 2016

Progeny Mk2.1 Flight 3

The data collected from the first two flights has been used to light the 2nd stage at an optimal time to see if we can push past 5km

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