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Nov 08 2017

Low-Altitude Science Surveys 27 & 28

Specialist Bob launches from sea aboard MSV Lymun to gather pressure data from Site JF-455 and temperature data from Zone TR-001, suffering a partial & uncharacteristic failure during one ascent

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Oct 31 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 2

Although the ascent did not go entirely as planned, a proper initial launch allowed the rocket to reach a staggering 493km up into space, far exceeding any and all expectations on its performance!

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Oct 20 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 1

The debut of our new, more powerful Mk5 rocket was marred by weather and a launch anomaly that led to only part of the rocket leaving the launch pad, impacting the water 8km downrange with a total loss of the payload

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Oct 17 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 33

Specialist Bob heads out to sea once again to satisfy a contract for Kerbodyne over Area H1S7 53km northwest of KSC, gathering temperature data from the upper atmosphere

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Oct 13 2017

Progeny Mk5 Flight 6

Pieced together from spare parts meant to replace any faulty/failed parts for the original 5 planned launches, a 6th base-spec Mk5 heads back into space for one final hurrah before the new Block I comes into service

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Oct 05 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 25

Specialist Bob, still aboard MSV Tongjess, launches from Sector RP-010 to gather pressure data for Kerbolyov Design Bureau while Specialist Bill stands by in the event of a land recovery due to winds

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Oct 04 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 24

Specialist Bob heads to Sector RT-M0H aboard the Maritime Service Vessel Tongjess to launch & recover after gathering temperature data for Zaltonic Electronics

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Sep 28 2017

Low-Altitude Science Surveys 22 & 23

Specialist Bob sends up two balloons over Zone EBGY-010 & Sector N9-Q9B to gather temperature data for Glowing Kraken Industries & Armstrong Siddeley and Royce Engineering respectively

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Sep 27 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 31

Specialist Bob heads out to sea south of KSC at Site T3KCSD to await good weather in order to gather pressure data during ascent up to 1kPa for Glowing Kraken Industries

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Sep 22 2017

Progeny Mk5 Flight 5

The final launch of the initial design for the Mk5 doesn’t reach the heights we were hoping for but it does at least set the record for being the first successful flight that was fully automated

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