Aug 14 2020

Progeny Mk7-B Flight 1

After nearly a year since the Mk7-A and numerous delays the Progeny Mk7-B finally makes its first trip up into space to test engine recovery and re-use, new reaction wheels and general flight characteristics

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Aug 05 2020

Ascension Mk1 Flight 13 Analysis

To continue to test science instruments the unkerbed Mk1-A capsule made its 4th flight up into space, adding data on to the studies began with a similar mission back in 2019. This time however the trajectory was tweaked to send the rocket higher and also carried Mystery Goo samples, the largest batch to date. Additional mission objectives included the technology demonstration of dish antenna for high-gain data transmission/reception and the capsule carrying internal shielding to help lower the amount of radiation that reaches the crew. The mission was scheduled to launch in the middle of the day cycle to ensure that the inner radiation belt was pushed closest to the surface by the kerbolar wind so the rocket’s trajectory would penetrate as deep as possible. No issues came up in the preparation for launch, the rocket was successfully rolled out to the pad and dish comms tested before being raised vertical for a wet dress rehearsal. The day of launch the rocket was lowered again for late onload of the Mystery Goo samples, as they are highly radioactive and would have presented a danger to pad crew during the rollout and WDR.

The Flight

Just prior to engine ignition the fins all swiveled through their full range of motion to test hydraulic pressure – if they fail to re-center before ignition time of T-6s then pressure is low. Engine ignition was permitted and the K2-X fired up without issue at 10% initial thrust to check chamber pressure for 3 seconds before throttling up to launch TWR of 1.2 (~75% throttle). Launch thrust was confirmed at T-0, allowing the engine clamps to release and enable the rocket to begin its journey up into space at 17:30:00.74 local time. Another 3 seconds into the flight the rocket climbed above the service towers and the engine was brought up to full power, producing 172kN of thrust.

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Jul 31 2020

Operations Summary – Weeks of 7/20 & 7/27/20

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Jul 29 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 68

After flying out to the Kongo River base, the team takes a ~450km trek via UTV to the center of Kerbin’s largest plain to release a balloon for Kip Engineering over Area GQP7-S

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Jul 22 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 60

The crew head to sea once again to release two balloons over Sector QH-T96 for Flooyd Dynamics Research Lab, to study how wind patterns through the isle straits affect Kerblantic storm development

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Jul 17 2020

Operations Summary – Week of 7/13/20

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Jul 16 2020

Ascension Mk1 Flight 14 (Specialist Bob)

After waiting almost a year since his first attempt, Specialist Bob is finally able to head up into space to chase after the shadow of Mun during an eclipse. However mission troubles still do not escape him…

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Jul 10 2020

Operations Summary – Weeks of 6/29 & 7/6/20

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Jul 07 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 67

Joining a month-long science expedition out to the Badlands, the crew releases two balloons over separate locations near Area F-CDSX for Reaction Systems Ltd

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Jun 29 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 59

After some overland traversals the crew changes gears and ships out aboard a maritime service vessel to do a release over the ocean at Area G0-XK8 for L-Tech Scientific Industries

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