Aug 15 2016

KSA Operations Set to Begin Sept 13th

After over two years of construction the first surface structures in years are at last finished and standing tall on the shores of the Kerblantic ocean. Several months behind schedule, the Kerbal Space Center will not only be the gateway back to the surface of Kerbin but eventually a gateway to the stars themselves. KSA Operations Director Drew Kerman led the ribbon cutting earlier today that marked the completion of the main administration complex, the last section of KSC to be built. “We have a long road ahead of us, but while the final destination is so distant as to be hardly visible, our sight on it will never waver and our arrival will mark a new era for all kerbalkind”.

The mad rush of moving in equipment and supplies has already begun, and barring any further delays the Agency plans to begin full operations starting in the month of September. During construction the various engineers and scientists hired by the KSA have already been busy working remotely and the KSA will be hitting the ground running with initial rocket designs set to be finalized by the start of the month.

You can learn more details on the KSA, Kerbin’s history, KSA staff, terminology, KSC facilities and more on our About page.