Apr 09 2018

Surface Operations Set to Resume by Executive Order

Amazing news came out of Sheltered Rock today when the Presider himself contacted our Operations Director and Founder Drew Kerman to say he was using his executive powers to sign the amendments into law, bypassing the Assembly. This unprecedented move has tied the fate of his political career to the success of the Kerbal Space Agency, and we recognize his faith in us and plan to ensure his re-election next year by bringing kerbalkind fully into the space age. The actual signing will take place tomorrow to allow KSC and other surface structures, like the Monolith project and airports, to resume operations by Wednesday. We will be moving staff and equipment back to KSC from Umbarg over the next few days to be fully up and running again by the end of the week. Everyone is excited to really be getting back to work!

First up next week we will begin testing the K2-X engine while the VAB begins to assemble the next Progeny Mk6 Block I rockets for quick successive launches with four days turnaround time. Sheltered Rock General Airport will be able to begin the final assembly of the new Deuce aircraft this week, for completion later this month. Captain Jebediah and Commander Valentina will remain in Sheltered Rock to assist and perform testing. Specialists Bill and Bob will be getting new KerBalloons ready for launch, with an expedition being planned for next week.

The operational shut down of KSC came back in February, when Monolithic supporters found a legal loophole that allowed them to serve an injunction blocking surface activities. This move was seen as a strike not just against the space program but science in general as it also terminated operations around the Monolith, which has remained off-limits to religious pilgrims ever since the government office handing out visitation permits was attacked by a still-unknown group of radicals. In the weeks since then our own legal team has worked to identify the problems and submit an amendment to the laws in order to allow us to resume our work on the surface. During this time it was expected that an uptick in attempts to reach the Monolith would be reported but surprisingly very few people tried to make it past security still camped out by the edifice. It seems religious opposition was more focused on the ongoing attempts to penetrate the Monolith’s surface rather than lack of being able to travel to the site. This legal loop hole has been in existence since the start of KSC operations but only recently has a dome been erected over the Monolith that could classify work on it being inside a permanent surface structure.

We expect there will be serious political and religious fallout from this surprising move by the Presider, but unless it manages to directly affect our operations in some way we will not be reporting on it.

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