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Although we are still exploring the basics of rocketry through sub-orbital flights of our Progenitor rockets, the time has come to begin to push for the next level and establish a permanent robotic presence in space with orbiting satellites. At first, these craft will not be able to stay up for long with current power technology but eventually the Ascension program will be responsible for lifting all payloads into orbit around Kerbin for extended missions of months or years. This program will also be responsible for getting the Extremis probes on their way to exploring the Kerbol system.

Program News Highlight – 1/11/18

Ascension Debuts Lifter Engine, Updated Orbital Roadmap

Check out the engine that will lift probes into orbit and why getting there has become a more complex endeavor than originally planned.Full Story Show All News

Primary Program Goals

Orbit Kerbin
Demonstrate use of solar power
Eject a probe out of the Kerbin system
Carry a kerbal into space
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Orbit Kerbin < 250km
Orbit Kerbin > 250km
Establish an equatorial orbit < 15°
Establish an inclined orbit 15-85°
Establish a polar orbit > 85°
Establish a keostationary orbit

Active Program Contracts

None at this time.

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Closing Up

Engine Test Chart

KX-2 Hot Fire Test 50%

K2-X Hot Fire Test No.1

K2-X Static Testing Prep

Ascension Mk1 Block II

Ascension Mk1 Block I

1.25m Engine Test Stand

NovaPunch K2-X

Ascension & Progeny Integration

R&D and Science Labs

Program Duration: Nov 2017 – Ongoing
Program Expenditure: 17,565
Program Income: 0 (-17,565)
Active Vessels: Ascension Mk1
Number of Missions: 0
Program Success Rate: N/A
Agency Partners: Umbra Space Industries, KW Rocketry, NovaPunch, Modular Rocket Systems, Bluedog Design Bureau, C7 Aerospace Division

Vessel Patch

The Mk1 is the first dedicated lifter design for orbital space flight, meant to carry several tons of extra mass off the ground in order for the second stage or payload to continue the climb into orbit from a high initial altitude. It will be the first steerable rocket and the first to be built to a 1.25m form factor.

The Mk1 comes in two design variants, with up to four solid rocket boosters providing additional lift capacity.

Vessel News Highlight – 3/13/18

Ascension Lifters Finalized

More information forthcoming. Show All News

Current Missions

Flight 1 – NET 6/5/18
This first flight will aim to place the entire rocket into a decaying orbit so it eventually returns to Kerbin to test recovery methods and hopefully survive to provide valuable data for future flights
Vessel Lifetime: Mar 2018 – Ongoing
Vessel Expenditure: 14,711
Vessel Income: 0 (-14,711)
Number of Launches: 0
Mission Success Rate: N/A

Block I Vessel Blueprint

Block II Vessel Blueprint