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May 16 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 5

No longer fit for space flight, the test capsule that had been used for previous pad abort tests was still fit enough to fly partway to space so we could conduct an ascent abort test to fully qualify the Launch Escape System

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May 03 2019

Deuce Science Flight 10 (Attempt 2)

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny return to work and retry the mission to Area ZN-223 Jeb & Val could not complete due to weather back in March, gathering the 1st science data over the southern ice caps

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Apr 18 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 4

Changes to the elevator fin angle will allow for greater pitch-down control authority and the first test of the Mk1 space capsule on a sub-orbital flight will take place in a similar manner to the test payload from the previous mission

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Mar 26 2019

Deuce Science Flight 10 (Attempt 1)

Captain Jebediah & Commander Valentina had time off from their rigorous astronaut training schedule to attempt a science mission to Area ZN-223 however they were denied by bad weather enroute

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Jan 24 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 3

Attempting to use new software to plan an orbital mission profile proved fruitless, so this mission was redesigned from scratch to support future sub-orbital kerbed spaceflight by testing new technologies such as RCS & a heat shield

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Jan 22 2019

Deuce Science Flight 9

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny make the first trip across to the eastern hemisphere on a record-setting journey to overfly Area Z3N4 and collect various science data about the Badlands

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Jan 11 2019

Deuce Science Flight 8

Flight Officers Aldeny & Tedman head out for an aerial survey over Sector JENH to see if any trace of large marine animals reported by mariners can be spotted from the air without spooking them

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Dec 21 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Airlaunch

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny cap off months of planning and preparation with a first attempt at launching a rocket off the back of their aircraft. Click here for the Ops Tracker rocket page

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Dec 19 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Captive Carry & Launch Rehearsal

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny make another attempt at a full launch dress rehearsal for the carried Progeny Mk1-B rocket that was interrupted months ago by the Monolith

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Dec 17 2018

Deuce Checkout Flight

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny take a flight up to launch altitude for the Mk1-B rocket, but without the rocket to ensure all aircraft systems have been properly repaired. Also the 1st KSC night mission

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