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Nov 13 2019

Deuce Science Flight 13

Captain Jebediah and Commander Valentina head out over the Kerblantic after reports of a storm delay a rocket launch so they can try to collect useful meteorological data while flying through it

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Nov 06 2019

Deuce Science Flight 12

Commander Valentina and Captain Jebediah test out some new externally-mounted atmospheric monitoring equipment that could be used to fly through storms & gather valuable in-situ weather data

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Aug 13 2019

Civvie Science Flight 40

Captain Jebediah takes time off from Ascension mission training to complete a final atmospheric sampling run over Area ATM-14 that will end a 2-year study on regional tree pollen levels

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Jul 11 2019

Deuce Science Flight 11

Captain Jebediah and Commander Valentina fly out to the most remote largest landmass located at Sector IS-L031 to survey the area for a future months-long science expedition arriving by sea

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May 09 2019

Dhumla Flight Trial 4

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny restart flight testing with a cross-country trip to KGA & back – however the mission is tragically cut short when they attempt a touch and go landing

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May 08 2019

Civvie Science Flight 39

Flight Officer Aldeny flies to the plains north of KSC to gather pollen level data surrounding Area ATM-11 for the Field Research Team’s quarterly survey, although the collection was limiited due to weather

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May 03 2019

Deuce Science Flight 10 (Attempt 2)

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny return to work and retry the mission to Area ZN-223 Jeb & Val could not complete due to weather back in March, gathering the 1st science data over the southern ice caps

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Mar 26 2019

Deuce Science Flight 10 (Attempt 1)

Captain Jebediah & Commander Valentina had time off from their rigorous astronaut training schedule to attempt a science mission to Area ZN-223 however they were denied by bad weather enroute

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Feb 22 2019

Dhumla Flight Trial 3

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny really get to take the aircraft through its paces in flight now, testing stalls, G-loading, engine-out performance and high-altitude flying

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Feb 20 2019

Dhumla Flight Trial 2

Flight Officers Aldeny & Tedman give the Dhumla its second shakedown flight, testing how changes to the balance of the aircraft affect takeoff, basic handling, and landing

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