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Feb 25 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 56

Although we were able to save costs making the trip to Site 0-C75S for CTC Exploration via a supply vessel it took the team over two weeks before they could make the return voyage!

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Feb 02 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 64

Shipping out to a new island at Area J8209R recently formed by volcanism, the crew releases a meteo payload for Field Research Team to study the terrain’s effect on winds off the smooth water

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Jan 24 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 55

A “local” mission that allows for cost-saving but treacherous UTV traversal sends the team out to Site V817DW on behalf of L-Tech Scientific Industries for an updated meteorological study of the region

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Jan 17 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 63

Hopping an airship out to the location of the new planned surface colony, the crew releases a balloon over Area C9QBZF for Kip Engineering to help with site surveying from a meteorological standpoint

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Jan 17 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 54

Releasing two balloons from the deck of a maritime vessel, the notoriously bad weather found over Area F0SPD and Site Z1-P give trouble for this mission on behalf of Probodobodyne Inc

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Dec 18 2019

Deuce Science Flight 17

Commander Valentina and Captain Jebediah head home from SRG with KWS meteorologist Katgan & investigate a storm that could possibly affect the launch of a Progeny Mk6-I rocket later in the day

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Dec 12 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 62

Staging out of the Kongo base, Lead Scientist Cheranne take a team of her field researchers north to Site LP-Z23L to test new radiation equipment where the Outer Belt interacts with the upper atmosphere

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Dec 11 2019

Deuce Science Flight 16

Captain Jebediah and Commander Valentina take KWS meteorologist Katgan out to a storm north of Sheltered Rock to gather weather data, then land at SRG to train another regional weather aircraft

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Dec 08 2019

Deuce Science Flight 15

Commander Valentina and Captain Jebediah take KWS meteorologist Katgan out to a storm over the eastern Kerblantic so she can gather weather data of the low-pressure system as it is active

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Nov 29 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 53

Releasing a balloon from within an old asteroid impact crater at Zone 347CR to conduct atmospheric analysis of the lower atmosphere for Experimental Engineering Group

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