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Aug 06 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 7 Analysis

Finally, after nearly 3 years of rocket development, the time had come to launch a kerbal into space! While we expected there might be some issues during the mission no one was ready for the Monolith to make another attempt at keeping us grounded. After Specialist Bob was loaded up into the rocket and it was raised vertical on the pad, atmospheric pressure began to decline shortly after it was powered up, a sign that storms were forming. This storm was being generated by the Monolith and was last seen to impact rocket flights back in February. Since then a cooling system was installed to prevent the storms and it appeared to work until this flight, which led us to develop a new theory as to why the Monolith was generating the storms in the first place.

The Flight

Rattled from his experience in the capsule during the storm, Bob ceded his spot to his backup Specialist Bill, who boarded the rocket 6 days later after a new cooling unit was installed around the Monolith and a day’s delay due to weather. Pre-launch operations proceeded without issue leading up to the 5 minute GO/NO GO poll, which failed due to upper-atmospheric wind conditions that neared the launch commit limits for flight. After some discussion among the launch team, using our experience with past Ascension missions, the decision was made to proceed with the launch. The countdown resumed and the rocket lifted off the pad with Bill atop it at 15:58:00.20 local time.

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Jul 24 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 7 (Specialist Bill)

Although only one of them can ultimately be the first kerbal into space, both Specialists Bill & Bob are prepared to fly aboard the capsule atop the rocket that will carry one of them into the history books

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Jul 12 2019

Operations Summary – Week of 7/8/19

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Jun 28 2019

Operations Summary – Week of 6/24/19

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Jan 07 2019

Ascension Postpones Orbit for Capsule Technology Testing

Over the past week since returning from holiday break program teams have been working on how they want to approach operations in 2019. For the most part everyone stuck to what they had going when 2018 drew to a close, but the Ascension team is continuing to move forward with a big change they began to plan late last year which is to forego further attempts at making orbit with just the Mk1 lifter and instead focus on preparing for sub-orbital capsule flights.

The main reason behind this decision was due to successive failures at modeling an ascent profile that would reach a decaying orbit using the new Launch Vehicle Designer that comes with the Trajectory Optimization Tool from ArrowstarTech*, one of our external partners. Even when the test payload mass was reduced as much as possible, 278kg down from 1t, the rocket was still unable to reach a final state at MECO that would carry it around the planet at least once. The main problem is that the rocket uses control surfaces for guidance, which means it can only control its pitch for about half of the ascent – past 37km the air grows too thin for the control surfaces to have effect on the rocket’s orientation. Although the natural force of gravity can continue to lower the nose past that point, it will do so only based on how fast the rocket was pitching before then. In the modeling, if it pitches over fast enough to end the burn with a positive perikee, it stays within the atmosphere. If it pitches over less aggressively to prevent this, past the point of aerodynamic control its nose doesn’t drop fast enough to push the orbit perikee out from under the surface while still making it to space before MECO.

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Aug 03 2018

Operations Summary – Week of 7/30/18

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May 25 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 42

Specialists Bob & Bill trek overland aboard Utility Task Vehicles to release a balloon over Zone MOI65 in the rough interior Highlands and collect material science data for Probodobodyne Inc

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May 18 2018

Low-Altitude Science Survey 34

After a near-disaster in the southern sea, specialists Bob & Bill head north to Sector B-C49 to perform similar temperature gathering in a body of water that can be just as unpredictable & dangerous

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May 11 2018

Low-Altitude Science Survey 33

Specialists Bob & Bill brave the southern sea a second time after their first attempt to reach Zone 60P-5X nearly ended in disaster thanks to a strong storm

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Apr 21 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 41

Specialists Bob & Bill embark on another sea voyage to gather weather data over Area P3OR for L-Tech Scientific Industries

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