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May 09 2019

Dhumla Flight Trial 4

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny restart flight testing with a cross-country trip to KGA & back – however the mission is tragically cut short when they attempt a touch and go landing

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Apr 10 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 52

Embedding with a team of keologists out to Area 23-KTB to track wind patterns over the torturous terrain, an amazing discovery is made that could have huge cultural impact

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Mar 26 2019

Deuce Science Flight 10 (Attempt 1)

Captain Jebediah & Commander Valentina had time off from their rigorous astronaut training schedule to attempt a science mission to Area ZN-223 however they were denied by bad weather enroute

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Mar 04 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 51

Partaking in a perilous sea expedition that sailed over 2,000km one way to release two weather balloons over Sector B1-6537 for CTC Exploration and Zone 9-UB3 for Field Research Team

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Jan 16 2019

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 8 (Mystery Goo Study Attempt 2)

Returning to flight for the first time in over 5 months, this mission repeats the previous one, which failed on re-entry. Upgraded mystery goo containment units will be put to the test on this flight

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Aug 09 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Captive Carry & Release Test 5

Flight Officers Aldeny and Tedman make a final test flight while launch controllers treat it as a full dress rehearsal to ensure all aspects of the mission are ready for a booster ignition on the following attempt

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Jul 31 2018

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 7 (Mystery Goo Study)

The first payload of live organisms was carried aboard this rocket. The mystery goo was exposed both inside and outside of the high radiation region. Unfortunately, the samples failed to be returned safely to the surface

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Jul 17 2018

Ascension Mk1 Flight 2 (Orbit Attempt 2)

After failing to reach orbit on our first attempt, adjustments have been made to the ascent profile to get the rocket horizontal sooner and hopefully push our periapsis out from under the ground on this second attempt

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Jun 08 2018

Ascension Mk1 Flight 1 (Orbit Attempt 1)

Our first orbit-capable rocket makes its debut flight after months of testing and development and a few false starts leading up to launch. The hopes of this flight lie upon an engine that has seen a lot of use already in testing…

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May 11 2018

Low-Altitude Science Survey 33

Specialists Bob & Bill brave the southern sea a second time after their first attempt to reach Zone 60P-5X nearly ended in disaster thanks to a strong storm

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