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Jul 18 2018

KerBalloon Badlands Science Survey

Both high and low altitude balloons are dispatched to the Badlands under Sector X1-37A to collect various science readings for Flooyd Dynamics Research Lab

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Jul 17 2018

Ascension Mk1 Block I Flight 2

After failing to reach orbit on our first attempt, adjustments have been made to the ascent profile to get the rocket horizontal sooner and hopefully push our periapsis out from under the ground on this second attempt

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Jul 10 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Captive Carry & Release Test 1

Flight Officers Aldeny and Tedman begin to test the feasibility of launching a rocket from the top of a Deuce while in flight, starting with the smallest of the Progeny rockets

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Jul 07 2018

Low-Altitude Science Survey 35

Crews take a 2,000km+ journey to gather meteorological data over Zone 6-7DD, an area of open water not yet researched by balloon flight and the furthest yet from KSC

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Jun 27 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 46

Hitching a ride on a temperature survey over Area PB-G4, more Mystery Goo heads up into the atmosphere for additional tests of its ability to go into a protective stasis

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Jun 20 2018

Progeny Mk6 Block II Flight 1

The debut flight of the powerful Block II version of the Mk6 sets out to see if its design proves capable of reaching space and possibly exploring a new region if it can pass through the hazardous radiation found above the planet

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Jun 15 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 45

Crews make an overland trek to climb a bit up the mountains and release from Zone MO247 to gather material science data, including mystery goo, for WinterOwl Field Research

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Jun 13 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 44

The development of a strong storm gives short notice to crews to head out and release a balloon but luckily they have one on hand to send up over Site Q3P-010 for the Field Research Team

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Jun 08 2018

Ascension Mk1 Block I Flight 1

Our first orbit-capable rocket makes its debut flight after months of testing and development and a few false starts leading up to launch. The hopes of this flight lie upon an engine that has seen a lot of use already in testing…

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Jun 05 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 43

Crews trek overland aboard Utility Task Vehicles to release a balloon over Zone MOI24 in the desert region to collect material science data for Probodobodyne Inc

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