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^^ Craft Information - Science Orbit #4 ^^

This science laboratory/mapping satellite is designed to orbit Minmus and perform a wide variety of experiments in both high and low orbits. It is planned to start with a polar trajectory that will allow it to map the surface in detail for both terrain and biomes. While in this higher mapping orbit it will perform science experiments such as goo exposure, dust collection, radiation detection, etc. Once mapping and high orbital science is complete, we will be using the terrain data to plan extremely low fly bys of the surface to get a close look at its features and possibly confirm the existence of sublimation on the surface. After several weeks of low orbital science studies the satellite will be placed into a permanent polar orbit for it to serve as an important link in the otherwise equatorial local omni network.

We're now down to our lowest planned science orbit and the flight dynamics team is reviewing data to ensure that we're stable passing so often this close to Minmus' surface. Next week our fourth round of science observations is scheduled to begin and last through the end of the year. A mission review board will convene at the start of 2016 to decide what the craft will do next.

Launched: 4/27/15 @ 20:01:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: 0.121km/s
Periapsis: 15.115km
Apoapsis: 249.692km
Eccentricity: 0.609600
Inclination: 85.004°
Orbital Period: 12,619.07s
Last Update: 12/11/15 @ 19:05 UTC
 Mission Ongoing  
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