Sep 19 2016

First KSC Rocket Launch Scheduled with Progenitor Program

Progeny Mk1-AToday saw the successful integration testing of the first fully-assembled Progeny Mk1-A rocket. After two days of assembly the team spent another full day carefully checking all systems and wiring and structural connections to ensure the rocket was ready to fly. Now that Lead Engineer Simon and his work crew have the procedures nailed down, they can assemble future Progeny Mk1-A rockets at a slightly faster pace. They expect a second rocket to be ready to launch on Thursday after the first one with a slight change to its configuration: the fins will not be angled to spin-stabilize the rocket on ascent.

The first rocket will launch after second sunrise at 15:30 UTC. Assuming there is no catastrophic failure, the second rocket will be launched after third sunrise at 21:30 UTC. Following both flights will come at least a week of data analysis and further simulation, during which time Simon and his crew will work to assemble and make ready two Progeny Mk1-B rockets for similar flights the following week.