Nov 09 2016

Progenitor Program Continues with the Progeny Mk2.1

The investigation into the Progeny Mk2 launch failure has concluded and have found the cause to be due to a failure of the second stage engine fairing, which was improperly used as a structural element in the design of the Mk2. Tests last week showed what can happen should the upper stage booster impact with enough force to slightly crumple, and further tests this week allowed engineers to properly analyze the rigidity of the engine fairing material to show where original specifications fell short. USI has already started on a design fix to resolve the booster self-ignition issue and while they don’t have a stronger material to use for the engine shroud pieces, they did offer up a structural interstage decoupler that the second stage booster could rest upon, thus removing stress from the engine fairings. KSA has placed orders for the decoupler, as well as additional Mk1-A and Mk1-B booster cores, plus a few other required parts that are now low in supply in our warehouse. The majority of these parts will arrive within a week, except for the Mk1-B boosters, which still are being reworked to prevent the self-ignition issue. We expect them to be delivered by the end of the month and will prep for their arrival by partially assembling as much of the Mk2.1 rocket as possible. The only change to the rocket design will be the addition of the decoupler between the first and second booster stages.

Return to flight will occur sometime in the beginning of December.