Feb 26 2019

C7 Effectively Shut Down by Government Investigation

Earlier today a raid by government authorities at the company headquarters in Kravass rounded up the entire executive division of C7 Aerospace, leaving the company without leadership. The entirety of the company’s financial assets have also been secured and frozen. All employees have been furloughed without pay and told they must remain available for investigators. This was all revealed at a press conference held just recently outside the C7 corporate headquarters. What wasn’t mentioned is why the government is taking such a strong-armed approach against a privately-owned company, which sets a potentially disturbing precedent. We are pleased at least that the top executives weren’t spirited away in the midst of the night or something equally as sinister, but are still left slightly worried given the fact that we are also a privately-owned company and we are close working partners with C7 Aerospace. As of yet, no mention has been made of the KSA and no government agents showed up at KSC today – C7 employees here at the Cape simply received notification of their status shortly after the press conference concluded.

The immediate effect of this action is that further Dhumla test flights will be suspended while Flight Officers Tedman and Aldeny are removed from active duty – at least until we can get through the red tape and re-assign them directly to us. Whether our involvement with C7 will affect us we do not know, but until more information is revealed to us we have to sit back and wait. Operations Director Drew Kerman has already scheduled to travel to Sheltered Rock assuming he will soon be requested to go there. Even if we can’t get Tedman and/or Aldeny transferred to us, Deuce and Civvie missions can still be undertaken by Captain Jeb or Commander Val – again once we get through the process of figuring out the administrative side of things since all Genesis missions split cost and profit with C7.

Hopefully we will be granted more information that can also be released soon.