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Our most ambitious early project, Extremis will open up the Kerbol system and allow us to briefly survey every known planet. These fly bys will allow us to plan more detailed missions in the future. Once the probes are done, they will continue on into interstellar space to pave the way for future travel beyond the Kerbol system.

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Primary Program Goals

Visit all known planets in the Kerbol system
Escape the Kerbol system
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Fly by Moho
Fly by Eve
Fly by Duna
Fly by Dres
Fly by Jool
Fly by Sarnus
Fly by Urlum
Fly by Neidon
Fly by Plock

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None at this time.


Program Duration: Jul 2017 – ongoing
Total Expenditure: 0
Total Income: 0
Active Vessels: None
Number of Missions: 0
Program Success Rate: N/A
Agency Partners: None