Tools + Tutorials

While we wish to share as much information with the KSP community as possible, we don’t always have the time to write extensive tutorials. When we do have the time, they will be added here, along with any online tools we find useful.

A Basic Guide for Mission Planning and Rocket Construction

We go over the process of defining your mission objectives, figuring out how to translate that into the Δv required and then building your rocket from the payload down to fit those mission parameters. This guide gives you an extremely flexible framework that is suitable for getting you to orbit above Kerbin, orbit around Mun or anywhere else in the Kerbol system.

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We have contributed a number of entries to the KSPTOT Wiki to help others better understand how to use this extremely powerful yet complex mission planning tool with as much success as us.

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Removing KVV Backgrounds with Paint.NET

If you use Kronal Vessel Viewer to make images of your ships, this guide walks you through the simple process of removing the background from the generated images.

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Web Calculator for Distance Between Points on Any Body

Useful for determining how far you need to travel along the ground between two points or n points. Calculates in a straight line around the curve of the selected body using the Haversine formula. Does not account for terrain, assumes a perfectly round sphere.

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Visual Comm Satellite Planner

Lets you see how your communications satellites should be dispersed around a body if you want them to be able to see each other, taking into account the size of the body and its sphere of influence.

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