Dec 07 2016

Kerbal Sounding Project Invests in Progenitor Program

kspsrAfter the disaster of the Progeny Mk2, a friend of our founder and Operations Director Drew Kerman tried to convince him that rockets were not the way to financial success. Albren Kerman, a very wealthy business magnate, was opposed to Drew’s starting up of the KSA since the very beginning and has always been a mentor to Drew since his parents passed away. Albren saw Drew’s foray into spaceflight a folly and a waste of his inheritance. In response to this renewed challenge, Drew responded firstly that he wasn’t looking to become super rich off spaceflight but instead usher kerbal society into a more advanced age, and that his teams were working on a redesign that would fly perfectly and eventually take the program all the way to space. He then bet Albren that if the next rocket failed, he would re-allocate a portion of his KSA investment towards the business schools run by Albren’s family. If, however, the rocket did succeed Albren would in turn channel some of his money into the Progenitor Program.

Now that we have the completely successful flight of the first Progeny Mk2.1 behind us, Albren has come through on his word and established the Kerbal Sounding Project, which will continue to reward us as we complete milestones on the route to space. Our first bounty of 1,500 funds was collected today, and our next goal of breaking 5km should be possible with the two remaining Mk2.1s.