Jan 20 2017

New High-Altitude KerBalloon Enters Service

Today at 18:21 UTC we will be launching our first probe into the upper atmosphere (which starts at 18km)  using one of the new high-altitude KerBalloons that arrived recently and has since been integrated with a probe unit carrying a scientific payload and two cameras, one angled down from the side at 15° and another pointing straight down from the bottom. The timing of the launch will bring the probe to its maximum predicted altitude of just under 25km at the time of sunset at ground level for KSC. Similar to the last flight that carried cameras, we expect these photos to be just as awesome, even more so given that this will the highest vantage point over Kerbin we have ever seen, nearly halfway to space.

Scientists and engineers alike are excited to see how this new KerBalloon performs and we will be using our initial shipment of three units to see if there are any problems that need to be addressed before ordering additional units. One of the main things that will be tested are the new parachutes that can be attached to the outside rim of the balloon casing, manufactured by KerBalloon expressly for their balloon parts. Not having to re-purpose a Progeny nose cone will make things less complicated when it comes to integrating KerBalloons and Progeny rockets at the same time.

Further details on this new KerBalloon probe can be found on the blueprint below, and all high-altitude flights will be recorded in the program page.