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Feb 16 2018

Operations Summary – Week of 2/12/18

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Feb 15 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 40

Specialists Bob & Bill embark on another long distance sea voyage to gather temperature data over Sector PHCV-843 near the Great Desert for Probodobodyne Inc

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Feb 04 2018

Low-Altitude Science Survey 32

Specialists Bob & Bill take a sea voyage out to Site DAW-LEG to gather temperature data for Kip Engineering

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Jan 28 2018

Low/High-Altitude Science Surveys 31/39

Specialists Bob & Bill use every available mode of transportation – land, sea and air – to carry out two balloon releases far west of KSC over Sector GV-001 and Site 0B-RZ

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Jan 22 2018

Deuce PR Tour KSC->KGA

We load up our entire crew aboard the Deuce to show the public how confident we are in its ability to safely carry passengers as the aircraft performs its first cross-country flight to Kravass General Airport

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Jan 17 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 38

Specialists Bob & Bill make their longest overland journey yet over 400km north towards Kravass to release a pressure-monitoring balloon over Site GLE-F8 for Experimental Engineering

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Dec 14 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 3

The final flight of 2017 saw a triumphant return to space with a redesigned Block I solving many of the issues that plagued the previous flight, although it also introduced some new ones. The quest continues…

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Dec 07 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 37

Specialists Bob & Bill travel to Ockr once again to test data relay through to KSC, this time launching from land over Zone 8CH2-L to ensure line of sight to Ockr during ascent

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Dec 01 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 36

Specialists Bob & Bill continue to test our future data relay infrastructure, this time through Ockr with a double-release over Site 1BP3 after several weather delays

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Nov 23 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 35

Specialists Bob & Bill carry out the KSA’s northern-most mission to gather new science and also test out data relay through Kravass from Zone JB354 for Nehemiah Engineering

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