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Dec 13 2017

Civvie Flight Control Test 1

Captain Jebediah cruises around KSC while testing out very basic software that will hopefully allow the aircraft to hold itself level in both pitch and roll without direct pilot input

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Dec 05 2017

Civvie Science Flight 33

Captain Jebediah is tasked with collecting atmospheric samples over the West Shore Desert to hopefully help weather forecasters understand how dust in the air affects weather patterns

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Dec 01 2017

Civvie Ferry Flight

Commander Valentina had to divert to Kravass General Airport at the end of her last mission so now she needs to get herself and the aircraft back to KSC

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Nov 27 2017

Civvie Science Flight 32

Commander Valentina gets to try her hand at storm chasing as the Field Research Team want her to fly into a storm to measure pressure over Area D-H6Z, where the storm is believed to be by this time

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Nov 20 2017

Civvie Science Flight 31

After multiple delays due to weather and sickness, Captain Jebediah finally gets to test some new camera equipment for aerial imaging supplied to us by CactEye Optics

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Nov 06 2017

Civvie Science Flight 30

Commander Valentina is tasked with a routine mission of gathering atmospheric samples around Area C82JB followed but conducting an aerial survey over Sector Q-S5B4

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Nov 01 2017

Civvie Science Flight 29

Captain Jebediah carries out some follow-up measurements of pollen using the Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer for the Field Research Team over the area surrounding Sector SW64

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Oct 31 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 2

Although the ascent did not go entirely as planned, a proper initial launch allowed the rocket to reach a staggering 493km up into space, far exceeding any and all expectations on its performance!

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Oct 25 2017

Civvie Science Flight 28

Commander Valentina heads north to do a brief survey around a mountain that some scientists from WinterOwl Field Research are looking to summit at Zone 7-04

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Oct 20 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 1

The debut of our new, more powerful Mk5 rocket was marred by weather and a launch anomaly that led to only part of the rocket leaving the launch pad, impacting the water 8km downrange with a total loss of the payload

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