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Mar 18 2020

Civvie Science Flight 41

Commander Valentina takes the Civvie out to measure atmospheric pollen levels in the region after the Civvie was repaired following her first attempt that ended up with a crash landing due to engine failure

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Sep 13 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 57

An unfortunate accident prevented the team from releasing over Sector ABLE for Reaction Systems Ltd, but thankfully only one major and mostly minor injuries were sustained by the crew

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May 29 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 45

Taking an overland trek via UTV to a nearby mountainous region to release a balloon for Flooyd Dynamics Research Lab over Area 51KL2 & also set seismic sensors for field researchers

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May 09 2019

Dhumla Flight Trial 4

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny restart flight testing with a cross-country trip to KGA & back – however the mission is tragically cut short when they attempt a touch and go landing

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Sep 21 2017

Deuce Flight Trial 5

Captain Jebediah is able to successfully take off in the Deuce after adjustments are made to the elevator controls. While pitch stability is vastly improved, design issues still appear to remain

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Jan 31 2017

Civvie Science Flight 6

Captain Jebediah will take his longest flight yet in the Civvie as he travels north to Area HH1-K to perform observations, taking some additional radiation readings along the way for field researchers

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Jan 17 2017

Low-Altitude Science Survey 9

Measure the temperature in flight below 17,800 meters near Site ZT-8 for Aerojet Kerbodyne. Unfortunately disaster struck en-route to the launch site

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Nov 21 2016

Civvie Flight Trial 1

Commander Valentina takes the first flight in the Civvie, a historic moment!

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