Feb 25 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 56

Although we were able to save costs making the trip to Site 0-C75S for CTC Exploration via a supply vessel it took the team over two weeks before they could make the return voyage!

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Feb 24 2020

Kerbin I

The first probe to orbit Kerbin, this served as a valuable test bed for operations, control, power, etc and even the mission itself, not going as planned, provided invaluable experience to our new orbital operations crew

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Feb 21 2020

Operations Summary – Week of 2/17/20

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Feb 20 2020

Ascension Mk2 Flight 1 (Kerbin I – Orbit Attempt 3)

Our largest rocket to date finally gets its chance to help us prove that we are capable of achieving orbital space flight. We’ve spent the last year working up towards this mission but are we really ready? Only one way to find out…

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Feb 14 2020

Operations Summary – Week of 2/10/20

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Feb 07 2020

Operations Summary – Week of 2/3/20

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Feb 06 2020

Ascension Mk1 Flight 11 Analysis

Ever since the attack on KSC that damaged the launch pad and destroyed our last Ascension Mk1 rocket we have been working hard towards regaining launch capability. It took 2 months to repair the ground service structures as well as the actual pad surface itself, but coming into the new year and new decade we are once again able to send up rockets from the launch pad. This mission will renew the bid for orbit that began back in 2018, and was then suspended at the start of last year when the rocket proved incapable of flying a trajectory that would allow it to enter a decaying orbit without running out of fuel. After testing new guidance fins on the Progeny Mk7-A, it is now time to scale them up to 1.25m rockets and see whether they can give the additional control authority needed to allow the rocket to pitch over faster. This mission will also see new 1.25m payload fairings based on the 0.625m ones that flew on the Progeny Mk7-A, which will be tested to see how they perform under the heat and pressure of ascent. The payload itself contains another RTG test article so it can be slammed into the ground after the flight and analyzed afterwards to determine whether it successfully remained intact and would have not spilled radioactive material.

The Flight

Due to tightening operational budget constraints, we can no longer afford to fail fast for iteration – in fact we can’t really afford to fail at all. This has led to new policies and stricter launch commit criteria (weather, build process, flight quals, etc) going into effect this year. The result was some early delays for the launch due to weather being outside of acceptable constraints, but thankfully it did not remain uncooperative for long and the countdown was able to begin and run to conclusion with no further issues only a day later than planned.

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Feb 02 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 64

Shipping out to a new island at Area J8209R recently formed by volcanism, the crew releases a meteo payload for Field Research Team to study the terrain’s effect on winds off the smooth water

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Jan 31 2020

Operations Summary – Week of 1/27/20

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Jan 24 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 55

A “local” mission that allows for cost-saving but treacherous UTV traversal sends the team out to Site V817DW on behalf of L-Tech Scientific Industries for an updated meteorological study of the region

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