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Oct 29 2020

Progeny Mk7-B Flight 4

With a final chance at mission success, objectives are changed with the addition of an actual payload to test a prototype Luciole smallsat probe and only recover the 1st stage booster, which is the same flown on the 1st flight from Aug!

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Jul 16 2020

Ascension Mk1 Flight 14 (Specialist Bob)

After waiting almost a year since his first attempt, Specialist Bob is finally able to head up into space to chase after the shadow of Mun during an eclipse. However mission troubles still do not escape him…

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Feb 24 2020

Kerbin I

The first probe to orbit Kerbin, this served as a valuable test bed for operations, control, power, etc and even the mission itself, not going as planned, provided invaluable experience to our new orbital operations crew

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Jul 24 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 7 (Specialist Bill)

Although only one of them can ultimately be the first kerbal into space, both Specialists Bill & Bob are prepared to fly aboard the capsule atop the rocket that will carry one of them into the history books

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Jan 22 2019

Deuce Science Flight 9

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny make the first trip across to the eastern hemisphere on a record-setting journey to overfly Area Z3N4 and collect various science data about the Badlands

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Dec 21 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Airlaunch

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny cap off months of planning and preparation with a first attempt at launching a rocket off the back of their aircraft. Click here for the Ops Tracker rocket page

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Jul 17 2018

Ascension Mk1 Flight 2 (Orbit Attempt 2)

After failing to reach orbit on our first attempt, adjustments have been made to the ascent profile to get the rocket horizontal sooner and hopefully push our periapsis out from under the ground on this second attempt

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Feb 14 2018

Deuce Science Flight 2

Captain Jebediah and Commander Valentina fly the longest and furthest mission yet, but unfortunately are not able to complete their observation of Area KV-001 due to hazardous radiation

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Jan 22 2018

Deuce PR Tour KSC->KGA

We load up our entire crew aboard the Deuce to show the public how confident we are in its ability to safely carry passengers as the aircraft performs its first cross-country flight to Kravass General Airport

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Oct 31 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 2 (Radiation & Gravimetric Studies)

Although the ascent did not go entirely as planned, a proper initial launch allowed the rocket to reach a staggering 493km up into space, far exceeding any and all expectations on its performance!

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