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Feb 10 2019

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 9

A similar mission to the last one, sending up sample material to be exposed to space inside and outside the inner radiation belt, the hope is that this one can be recovered after facing numerous troubles launching

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Jan 16 2019

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 8

Returning to flight for the first time in over 5 months, this mission repeats the previous one, which failed on re-entry. Upgraded mystery goo containment units will be put to the test on this flight

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Dec 21 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Airlaunch

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny cap off months of planning and preparation with a first attempt at launching a rocket off the back of their aircraft. Click here for the Ops Tracker rocket page

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Dec 19 2018

Progeny Mk1-B Captive Carry & Launch Rehearsal

Flight Officers Tedman & Aldeny make another attempt at a full launch dress rehearsal for the carried Progeny Mk1-B rocket that was interrupted months ago by the Monolith

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Oct 20 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 49

Crews embed themselves with an expedition to Site RAD-073 by the south pole in order to launch two balloons to measure the radiation levels in the upper atmosphere under the aurora

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Jul 20 2018

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 6

In order to possibly help lend credence to various theories on the hazardous radiation region above Kerbin, this rocket is sent up in the middle of the night cycle as opposed to our usual daytime launches

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Jul 07 2018

Low-Altitude Science Survey 35

Crews take a 2,000km+ journey to gather meteorological data over Zone 6-7DD, an area of open water not yet researched by balloon flight and the furthest yet from KSC

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Jun 27 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 46

Hitching a ride on a temperature survey over Area PB-G4, more Mystery Goo heads up into the atmosphere for additional tests of its ability to go into a protective stasis

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Jun 20 2018

Progeny Mk6 Block II Flight 1

The debut flight of the powerful Block II version of the Mk6 sets out to see if its design proves capable of reaching space and possibly exploring a new region if it can pass through the hazardous radiation found above the planet

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Jun 08 2018

Ascension Mk1 Block I Flight 1

Our first orbit-capable rocket makes its debut flight after months of testing and development and a few false starts leading up to launch. The hopes of this flight lie upon an engine that has seen a lot of use already in testing…

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