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Oct 22 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 10 (Captain Jebediah)

Captain Jeb is more than ready to finally take his ride up to space to fly a similar mission to the previous flight by Commander Val however we discover that we have enemies bent on destroying all we hope to accomplish…

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Oct 21 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 59

Staging out of the Kongo River Research Base, the team deploys overĀ Sector HH-3947 to get more data on the air currents that swirl around these mountains on behalf of Tetragon Projects

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Oct 18 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 52

Releasing a balloon near The Wall at Zone 99KL3 to better study the dual jet streams that run to the north and south of the mountain range for CTC Exploration

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Oct 06 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 51

Joining yet another research expedition, the crew brings along two balloons to release over Zone 42-HGTG to study the lower atmosphere and radiation near the poles for Field Research Team

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Oct 04 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 58

Staging out of the Kongo River Research Base, the team deploys over Area ZX-363 to get more data on how the extreme, high terrain of the Great Desert affects upper-level air currents for L-Tech Sci Ind.

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Sep 26 2019

Progeny Mk7-A Flight 2 (RTG Payload Test)

The Mk7-A makes another attempt at a successful flight, igniting its 3rd stage higher for less drag and more control while also carrying a test RTG payload in new fairings – all tech that will one day benefit Ascension missions

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Sep 17 2019

Ascension Mk1 Flight 9 (Commander Valentina)

Commander Val rotates into the hot seat aboard the capsule and becomes the 2nd kerbal to venture up into space, where she flies higher and stays longer to increase our knowledge of any effects 0G has on kerbal physiology

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Sep 13 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 57

An unfortunate accident prevented the team from releasing over Sector ABLE for Reaction Systems Ltd, but thankfully only one major and mostly minor injuries were sustained by the crew

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Sep 10 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 50

Traveling overland via UTV to release over Area XX-233 north of the western shore desert to help CTC Exploration get a better idea of the weather patterns in the area & if the same will happen here

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Aug 29 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 49

Tagging along with an expedition up to the northern ice shelf, the team releases a balloon to gather atmospheric data over Site T1A664 for Tiberdyne Aerospace

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