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Feb 16 2018

Operations Summary – Week of 2/12/18

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Feb 15 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 40

Specialists Bob & Bill embark on another long distance sea voyage to gather temperature data over Sector PHCV-843 near the Great Desert for Probodobodyne Inc

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Jan 28 2018

Low/High-Altitude Science Surveys 31/39

Specialists Bob & Bill use every available mode of transportation – land, sea and air – to carry out two balloon releases far west of KSC over Sector GV-001 and Site 0B-RZ

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Jan 17 2018

High-Altitude Science Survey 38

Specialists Bob & Bill make their longest overland journey yet over 400km north towards Kravass to release a pressure-monitoring balloon over Site GLE-F8 for Experimental Engineering

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Dec 07 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 37

Specialists Bob & Bill travel to Ockr once again to test data relay through to KSC, this time launching from land over Zone 8CH2-L to ensure line of sight to Ockr during ascent

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Dec 01 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 36

Specialists Bob & Bill continue to test our future data relay infrastructure, this time through Ockr with a double-release over Site 1BP3 after several weather delays

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Nov 23 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 35

Specialists Bob & Bill carry out the KSA’s northern-most mission to gather new science and also test out data relay through Kravass from Zone JB354 for Nehemiah Engineering

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Nov 03 2017

High-Altitude Science Survey 34

Specialist Bob travels 212km southwest of KSC to Zone 72R72X in order to launch a balloon into a large storm system & record data (but not recover the balloon) for Reaction Systems Ltd

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Oct 31 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 2

Although the ascent did not go entirely as planned, a proper initial launch allowed the rocket to reach a staggering 493km up into space, far exceeding any and all expectations on its performance!

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Oct 20 2017

Progeny Mk5 Block I Flight 1

The debut of our new, more powerful Mk5 rocket was marred by weather and a launch anomaly that led to only part of the rocket leaving the launch pad, impacting the water 8km downrange with a total loss of the payload

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