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May 14 2019

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 11

One of the instruments that was developed to fly on a future Extremis probe is small enough to be a payload for the Mk6 and studies charged particles – perfect for a shot into the inner radiation belt to test it out

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May 08 2019

Civvie Science Flight 39

Flight Officer Aldeny flies to the plains north of KSC to gather pollen level data surroundingĀ Area ATM-11 for the Field Research Team’s quarterly survey, although the collection was limiited due to weather

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May 06 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 44

Sailing and then trekking out to a spot in the Great Desert, the crew release a balloon over Site T1A402 for Tiberdyne Aerospace and also witness the effects of a meteor impact

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May 01 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 53

Departing via Maritime Service Vessel for Area EE-22G in the northern sea, the crew had to wait a few days for proper release conditions in order to avoid icing and conducted a successful recovery

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Apr 10 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 52

Embedding with a team of keologists out to Area 23-KTB to track wind patterns over the torturous terrain, an amazing discovery is made that could have huge cultural impact

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Apr 03 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 43

The crew returns to a research site last scienced back in 2017 to gather new readings, this time for Reaction Systems Ltd

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Mar 22 2019

Low-Altitude Science Survey 42

After a previous civvie overflight back in 2017 scientists are still unsure weather this volcano is actually extinct, so gas concentrations are being gathered over Zone J-7438 for Tetragon Projects

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Mar 14 2019

Low-Altitude Science Surveys 38-41

Embedding with a month-long expedition out to the Kongo River basin, the team deployed 4 separate balloons over Area YP-725, Area YP-852, Zone 1-DIU and Sector A2-6438 for various agencies

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Mar 12 2019

Progeny Mk6 Block I Flight 10

The third attempt to fly mystery goo through space and the inner radiation belt and recover the samples upon return. Also the first launch that will attempt to prevent the Monolith from producing severe weather

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Mar 04 2019

High-Altitude Science Survey 51

Partaking in a perilous sea expedition that sailed over 2,000km one way to release two weather balloons over Sector B1-6537 for CTC Exploration and Zone 9-UB3 for Field Research Team

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