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Jun 05 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 58

With support from Kravass the crew takes on another UTV traversal, heading out to Sector P-7NG4 north of the Wall to gather data about the weather boundary the terrain uplift causes

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May 12 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 66

Hitching a ride with a deep-sea expedition to the northern sea, the release over Sector Q-0ZN5 for Tetragon Projects will gather data from the heights as opposed to the depths

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May 11 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 57

The longest overland trek to date using Utility Task Vehicles saw two releases, one each over Zone 88TN-K & Site WQ90-B to gather weather and atmospheric data for CTC Exploration

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Apr 09 2020

Deuce Science Flight 18

Captain Jebediah and Commander Valentina, with meteorologist Katgan, deploy dropsonde probes over a developing storm system out in the Kerblantic for the Kerbin Weather Service

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Mar 18 2020

Civvie Science Flight 41

Commander Valentina takes the Civvie out to measure atmospheric pollen levels in the region after the Civvie was repaired following her first attempt that ended up with a crash landing due to engine failure

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Mar 18 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 65

After making initial observations last year, the Field Research Team returned to the Tundra with more balloons and equipment for additional study of the atmospheric radiation from the outer belt

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Feb 25 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 56

Although we were able to save costs making the trip to Site 0-C75S for CTC Exploration via a supply vessel it took the team over two weeks before they could make the return voyage!

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Feb 02 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 64

Shipping out to a new island at Area J8209R recently formed by volcanism, the crew releases a meteo payload for Field Research Team to study the terrain’s effect on winds off the smooth water

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Jan 24 2020

Low-Altitude Science Survey 55

A “local” mission that allows for cost-saving but treacherous UTV traversal sends the team out to Site V817DW on behalf of L-Tech Scientific Industries for an updated meteorological study of the region

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Jan 17 2020

High-Altitude Science Survey 63

Hopping an airship out to the location of the new planned surface colony, the crew releases a balloon over Area C9QBZF for Kip Engineering to help with site surveying from a meteorological standpoint

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